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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 92 ~ Whew

800g loss this week, which brings me down to 57.4kg (126.5 lbs). Very close to my next goal now. . . perhaps next week I'll be able to check that one off!

Thanks Little Miss Contrary for that link on the evils of sugar. It was so interesting and it really got me and hubby thinking! I'm totally flabbergasted that people thought adding sugar to foods where the fat had been removed was a good idea (then marketing it as low-fat) . . . then taking all the fibre out of everything else . . . CRAZY. I think our best bet is to just eat foods that are in their most natural state, without all this tampering. Easier said than done though, as the 'natural state' foods are either unavailable or very very expensive.

I'm sad to report I didn't drag my lazy butt out of bed this morning to run. . . I'm am such a procrastinator I've decided. Tomorrow there will be no excuses. I'll have to instruct hubby to literally kick me out of bed.

I'm going to a movie today, my first in over a year. With being pregnant (having to pee constantly doesn't make going to a 2 hour movie very easy) then having to feed baby 3 hourly, I just haven't found the time, but today, thanks to hubby, I'm going to see the next Twilight. I can hear the groans but I totally am a Twilight fan. Yes that's right, I'm a 30-something twilight fan. I read the books years ago and am a total softy for a good romance, and Twilight totally delivered :-)

Well I better get out of bed (heh heh, gotta love laptops) and feed Miss 7 months.


  1. LOVE Twighlight - Team Jacob all the way

  2. What a fantastic result - congratulations!! You are a proof this works and an inspiration. Enjoy your movie :-)

  3. Awesome weight loss! Between you and wwangel, makes me want to put my running shoes on this morning and get moving! I'm doing the Couch to 5K on my iPod... hmmmmm
    Keep up the great work!