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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 85 ~ uh oh

I ate a couple of the gingerbread men :-(
Why did I make such yummy looking bikkies? Silly silly me. Anyway that plus a few other indiscretions added up to a gain this week :-( But on the bright side it's enough to make me get serious again, in fact I'm going to do a couple of 'attack' days to get back on track. I've also been reminded by reading newcomer wwangel's blog the importance of water. I keep forgetting to drink lots of water (stops typing to drink a glass of water).

I've completed week 1 of my running programme! I can't believe how excited I get about a tiny little iphone app, but it's really really really helping me get back into running again.

I'm a bit worried about the quick busy slide to Christmas. This is the usually the time of year I stack on the weight. I must be strong and determined this year not to let it happen. And besides, I don't have any fat clothes to wear anymore so I'll have to walk about starkers ;-) not a pretty sight.

Goals this week:
- mini attack (2 days) starting tomorrow
- complete my three running sessions
- blog daily
- if I can't resist one cheat, leave it for the weekend

That's it! Have a great week everyone


  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog! It is nice to have another kiwi to follow - the Americans have such different food options in their supermarkets. I am bit of a runner too! I use the nike+ app on my iPhone, once you have finished the C25K I would recommend to go on to that as it keeps a tally of all the km's. Agree about the slide to Christmas, but I think the Christmas parties will be manageable if I stick to ham and say no to the sweets - the sweet taste is such a short lasting pleasure compared to the feeling of being slim all day long.

  2. Thanks wwangel. I must remember that. No food tastes as good as being slim feels!! Thanks for the tip on nike+ app, will def look that up after I've finished my 9 weeks on the c25k one. Happy dukaning!

  3. Were the gingerbread men worth it? I try to cheat only for things that I know will be totally worth it (obviously ignore today's blog entry!!!). That keeps damage to a minimum ...