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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 73 ~ I should be honest....

In the last few days I've seriously fallen off the wagon. Introducing dairy into my diet again has opened a whole can of worms. . . or should I say 'chocolate'. . . In fairness to me, I have been under a lot of stress finishing a magazine before the deadline at the end of this week, and in fairness to chocolate: it's just sooooo yummy ;-)

I'm giving myself til the end of the deadline to get myself sorted. Then starting next week I'm back on protein again... I DON'T want to undo all the great work I've done. AND I've chucked my fat clothes so I just can't get bigger.

What have you guys done when you fall off the wagon???


  1. I give myself a bit of time, I'm not to hard on myself , I relax for a day - or a couple of days but without going crazy either... and re-start when I feel ready but as soon as possible... Like you say, you don't want to undo all you've accomplished so far. Dairy is good and it's allowed, just choose wisely! I'm sure you'll jump back on the wagon soon!!!

  2. Oh luvvy we've all been there. I know I'm going to go totally off diet on holiday and my plan is just to enoy my holiday, not panic about it and straight back to it when I get home. there's no point feeling guilty or beating yourself up about it - that will only make you want MORE chocolate!!! Just consider it a bump on the road and keep on trekking.

  3. Fall off ... and get back on! You have fallen, ok. So you can stay off ... or hop back on. Don't even look back.
    Also get some cocoa, sweetener and skim milk and make yourself chocolate pudding :-)!