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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 67 ~ oh dear....

I've been sooooooo so good up til today, without hardly a cheat (apart from a few raisins). . . but tonight I polished off a dairy free, sugar free chocolate bar, and I don't just mean a small one. It was fairly large. I feel a bit yuck now, as expected, and very worried about the effect on the scales. But when you are craving dairy and chocolate so badly and dairy free chocolate ends up in your lap. . . the inevitable happens

Tomorrow I will be doing protein only again (like attack) for a day or two. Hopefully I won't have gained too much if I stop this evil-ness now!

On a brighter note my husband is home from his sailing adventure! It's so great to have him home!! My 3 year old was so excited to see him, it was heart warming!

I like to do crafty things when time, so when I saw some baby headbands someone was selling for $15 I decided to have a go at making them myself. I had fun and it only cost around $2 each. Here is my daughter in one of them.

Well I better head to bed.
See ya later


  1. Oh your daughter is a beautiful model.
    Do not be hard on your self. I loved Jenny Craig so much because they did not focus on food. Just our behavior. How to deal with these events to avoid them in the future is what is important, not the scale.

  2. Hooray for your husband being back home! And the headband (as well as your daughter) is adorable... :)

  3. That is a beuatiful headband on an adorable little girl!!! I am SO bad at crafts!
    Good luck on the scales. Sometimes they are forgiving, sometimes they aren't. I still haven't figured uot why ...

  4. We only fall off the wagon to get back on again! no worries, just be more strict tomorrow! We have all done it :) xx