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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 91 ~ excuses excuses

I'm so good at making excuses in my head to get out of doing stuff. I was meant to do my next 'run' yesterday or today but it hasn't happened yet. Sure I'm tired and have to fit my baby and preschooler into my day, but if I REALLY wanted to, I could fit it in.

My little girl (7 months) has started saying 'mum mum', it's so cute (although not so cute at 2am).

On the food front, I've been amazing. I haven't cheated and I'm hopeful for a good number on the scales tomorrow. I know Dukan tells us to weigh everyday, but I'm just not the sort of person that it works for. If I see a slight gain or no loss at all, it gets me down and will effect my entire day. Putting weight out of my mind until the weekend is much better for my self esteem and mood. Luckily it doesn't make me cheat. I guess different things work for different people :-)

It was the 3 yearly elections in NZ today so it will be a night of watching the election coverage on TV to see who our new Government will be. Perhaps I should do my run tonight? I wonder how long you should wait after food before running? I usually run on a empty stomach.

See ya later

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  1. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow. I am the queen of procrastination, come the holidays or weekends I often struggle to fit my run or exercise in, but if it is a work day I get it in first thing in the morning and it is done and dusted before 7am - go figure if you really want to do it you can as you say! Great to hear you've been amazing on the food front - that matters most I reckon! Will catch up with you tomorrow with your weigh-in results :-)