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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've decided that the longer the fat has been on my body the harder the battle to get it off will be. I've pretty much lost down to the weight I was a few years ago, which is still well above my goal and true weight. But this fat has been with me so long it's hanging on by it's fingertips and it's going to take some consistent encouragement to get it off. I pulled out some of my skinny clothes today and have squeezed into them. I can't wait til they are fitting nicely again.

A gorgeous sunny day in the north of New Zealand today. About time! This has been the worst summer in a long time. I think I might sit in my swing seat on the deck and read for a few minutes while Miss 8 months is happy!

Happy dukaning. Must try those tea eggs sometime.


  1. You have done so well and I'm really proud of you. Keep up the great work! Not to sound corny - but you really are inspiring me :)

  2. I think it is harder to lose when you don't have a lot to get rid of too. Definitely make the most of the sunny days, they have been a long time coming!