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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

off camping

I'm off camping again with the family tomorrow. This time I've planned all my meals and I'm going to endeavour to stick to the diet. My hubby is motivated by my weight loss so has changed his diet to remove sugar and refined carbs, I'm really proud of him.

See you in a few days


  1. camping sounds like fan! I've never been camping :) something to try :) have a fab time!

  2. Yeah for your hubby! That is great for you...and for him...but this is much easier when the hubby is on board!

  3. Have a wonderful time -- looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you return! :)

  4. All the best, I hope the weather plays it's part for your camping, such a beautiful part of the country you live in, you probably don't need to travel far to have an awesome campsite. Good news hubby is supporting you - makes it a bit easier for sure particularly if you don't need to prepare different meals.