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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another leap down

The scales jumped down another 500g (1 lb) today (WHAT THE?) again I don't believe it... how could I have lost that much in one day? How come this didn't happen last year? I've not even exercised in weeks... I'm not complaining, it's just soooo great that I'm having a hard job believing my scales!!

I'm not even sticking strictly to Dukan... I'm having protein powder (just not enough meat in the house) and a reasonable amount of fat (but that's because I'm still breast feeding my baby and you really need fats in your milk). I'm even having an occasional atkins bar. I guess if all this works for me, then I should be jumping for joy!!! Next goal here I come!!!!!

My food yesterday for those interested:
Breakfast: 3 eggs (yolks and all)
Snack: atkins protein bar
Lunch: Left over dinner (lasagna made with beef mince, tomatoes, cheese and thin egg omelettes (instead of pasta)
Snack: protein powder with a bit of milk
Dinner: the rest of left over dinner
Snack: bit of cream cheese mixed with splenda and cinnamon

As you can see, I also eat quite a bit :-)
Cuppa tea time.... see ya later


  1. It's awesome when it works but I too find it hard to believe but the next day when the scale goes down further... well it must be true. Mind you the more I read about what carbs do to you in terms of insulin and then all the technical LDL and triglycerides, I wonder how I ever loss on Weightwatchers with the carbs and fruit that I ate. I love the Dukan diet but the key is having protein in the cupboards, fridge and at times hand-bag as at times there are no options but carbs. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Fantastic!!! Take it and go with it ... but don't take it as a reason to splurge! I often get into trouble when the scales move the right direction: I take it as permission to start cheating ...