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Monday, January 16, 2012

Weight loss stall

Tried to blog but something isn't connecting. This morning my weight was disappointing. Back up to the same as the start of the week. WHAT THE? I didn't think I'd done that badly... It's so hard to work out when I'm actually sticking to the plan. I'm not going to let this sway me, I'm determined to reach my next goal and soon.

Tomorrow my bestie and her family are visiting (they don't live close enough for us to see each other much more than once a month and come August they'll be in China, which is a tad further). I'm very excited. Our kids are similar ages and the sun is meant to be shining. Can't wait.

Fantastic day with friends!
Weight down a teeny bit today, wish it were more. Feel like my weight loss is stalled.
Time to start running again
Hope everyone is well

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  1. What is your view on artificial sweeteners? I drink coke zero or eat low-fat yoghurt with Splenda when I want a sweet fix. Now I wonder if it is what is calling this weight to stagnate... I would find this diet really tough with no sweeteners but I may need to try a week or two and see if it makes a difference.

    Enjoy your time with friends. I am in the same boat this weekend, friends I have not seen for 3 years we are going to visit them in Whangarei, as they're moving to New Plymouth where we will see them even less. I will have a glass of wine or two. This diet will still be there after the weekend but I won't see these friends for a while.