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Monday, January 23, 2012

Scales aren't moving

Well the scales have stayed the same for the past 4 days... I'm either eating too much of something (perhaps the cheese I've been sneaking in) or my body is holding onto the rest of the fat for dear life. I think I'll try dropping the cheese and see how that helps!

I'm away with my bestie (and our babies) for a few days (YAY) and trying really hard to stick to the plan. We did well tonight, although I feel like I ate a whole green bean plant, I had that many!!

I went for a buggy walk today! I like your ideas WWANGEL. I need to make a plan and just do it. Will make my plan when I get home from Auckland and stick to it!!! Thanks for the encouragement.

See ya later


  1. No shift on the scales is so frustrating, well especially when you are playing by the rules and everyone else is losing 0.2 Kg on a regular basis. I guess if you have had your oatbran, drank the water and exercised you ignore the lack of scale movement and check if the jeans are feeling looser.

    1. What a gorgeous baby you've got!!! You must be more than proud ...!!! My gym bag is still longingly looking at me (it's been weeks now), so no grand encouragment coming from my side. I need it all for myself!