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Friday, January 20, 2012

Crawling baby alert

And she's crawling... gate is up on the stairs, house is pretty much baby proof except for the power cables which is her favourite toy at the moment. What is so exciting about a white cable anyway? oh, and the cats tail?

Yesterday I turned an old pair of denim jeans into a bag, that was fun!! I love bags.

Food has been fine. I did have the tiniest sliver of a cake I made today. Not even a mouthful. My first sugar in 20 days.

Exercise hasn't happened yet. Motivate me someone!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh she is adorable!! Well you will get plenty of exercise chasing her... but on a more serious note, I think that you decide what your goal is for the week, i.e. it might be 4 runs for 20 minutes, you decide what days and what time you can put them into your schedule and you "Just Do It". I imagine you will be limited soon to doing your exercise very early before hubby leaves for work, or later in the afternoon when hubby gets home. Otherwise you will need to run with the stroller which is do-able. I have "run" in my to do list everyday somewhere near the top so I get it over and done with. You are doing so well to lose without doing heaps of exercise.