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Saturday, January 14, 2012

a wee bit wet

I'm home from our camping adventures... sadly the wind and rain battered us a bit and little Miss 8 months decided to wake up numerous times last night - ouch! And in a camp ground, sound travels really well and in a tent crying is piercing!

BUT I kept to my diet really well :-) All meat and no bread makes me a happy girl. I did use a few protein bars and probably ate a few too many sausages, so I guess tomorrow's weigh in will show me how well I really did.

Hubby and I also celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary while camping. I'm a very lucky girl, I found me a keeper. I fell in love with him on sight at 15 and we have such a cool life together. I'm very happy and look forward to the next 16 years (plus) with him!

See ya later

(photo: 16 years ago)

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