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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Attempt 2 begins.
For week one I'm even weighing myself everyday, just to watch what my weight loss pattern is.

Today has gone okay. My head is starting to hurt with the sugar headache. Probably should down another glass of water, although I feel like my insides are swimming already.

I'm working on a Bucket List for 2012 (instead of new years resolutions). . . I'm finding it hard to think of things to fill it with as I've pretty much tried everything I've ever wanted to do and can't afford to travel to places I want to go yet. If I won lotto I'd love to ride on the top 10 roller coasters in the world. I LOVE roller coasters.

I'm a very crafty person, so have done all sorts of crafts over my years. At the moment I'm really into sewing (probably because I have a little girl to sew for). I also love to write (fiction) so want to write another novel this year. And hopefully later this year, my best friend, Melissa, and I will self publish a YA book we wrote a few years ago. Melissa self published her first two books last year and they are AWESOME (just in case you are looking for a holiday read): Golden Blood

Hopefully it's not raining tomorrow as I'd like to start my running again.
See you all soon back blogging I hope

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