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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's ANZAC Day in New Zealand where we remember our fallen soldiers. It's also my daughters first birthday. Because hubby and I aren't eating cake, it's still sitting there... I think I might just throw out the rest, as I'm not sure I want to be shoving it all down my children's throats either. I keep it real with them and they still eat bread and sugar etc, but we've definitely cut down and they eat more like us than they used to.

Advice please. When you get a head cold while doing Dukan, do you allow yourself any vitamin C fruit? I've got a cold and having a bit of trouble shaking it. I'm wondering if I need something I'm not eating at the moment to help.

I've also been wondering about all you ladies who have lost lots of weight. Do you still feel like a fat person and get quite surprised when you walk past a mirror and see a much slimmer person starring back?



  1. I totally respect you for not touching the birthday cake- I would have been seduced by its cold, icing stare and tasty charms :p
    I am just starting out and since you have been doing so great, mind checking me out and offering me some advice? I really need to get into the 120's. Thank you!

  2. I think the cake should go! LOL. I dont know why its harder for us to throw that kind of leftovers away vs. normal everyday leftovers???
    I was checking out some websites looking at vitamin c content in vegetables vs. fruit. It was really interesting, some veg is higher than the fruits we would normally associate with being full of this vitamin, i.e. oranges. Check it out - you can also get some effervescent vitamin tablets for that extra boost.
    I do struggle with my fat girl mentality, physically I can see the changes, it is nice to be smaller / go down dress sizes and be able to shop in 'normal shops' but I still dont feel I look good very often and I am always overly critical of myself, concentrating on what still needs to be done instead of what I have achieved. I'm working on it!!!! :) xo

  3. Maybe try some lemon juice in hot water.(half a lemon) I was drinking that a lot even when I started the dukan diet. its supposed to be good for your skin too :)