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Monday, April 23, 2012

Get the cake out of my house

Just had my daughters first birthday so more cake and cupcakes etc in the house... and I can't believe it, but I resisted... Enough is enough though and it's time to get my house cake free again!!! Who wants some cake??? (ha)

I go into hospital next week for my op and I wanted some advice about what I should eat afterwards? Usually they give you bread or toast... should I take a boiled egg, can of tuna or protein bar? Any advice????

Oh... I did have one cheat last week. 100g of chocolate and do you know that sent the scales up 1200g??? isn't that crazy? It's mostly back down again now, but I have to say... WHAT THE?

I'm trying really hard this week to stick to my food and not eat too much as after my op I won't be able to prepare my food as much and will have to rely on family. Hopefully they won't sabotage my diet.

Crockpot is on and smelling divine!
Have a great week


  1. Wow, you did well to resist the cake and cupcakes - well done! I think you're on the right track with boiled eggs (which I am quite a fan of) and tinned tuna (sealord sundried tomato & basil) and tinned Slamon (Sealord has some nice flavoured ones), hope the surgery goes well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. good job resisting the cake!good luck with your operation.
    Thought your blog said 'crackpot is on...' lol....:)

  3. I find the diet is very weird like that, you have to go all in or your results get messed up.

    Congratulations on resisting! It's kindof funny, if I ask you about the cake in a month you would most likely not even remember resisting the temptation, but if you hadn't and had binged and I asked you a month from now I bet you would remember and still be dissapointed in yourself for not being strong.

    Something to think about ;)

  4. What the Dukan Dietress says is SO TRUE!!!! And also your reflection on putting a small no-no in your mouth and the results on the scale being absolutely UNFAIR! ;-)