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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday I suddenly started burning up, had chills, a sore throat and nasty headache. Hardly slept last night and not much better today. Flu perhaps?

Anyway I've found food really difficult, so I've hardly eaten anything. All I wanted was a dry piece of toast as the thought of meat or eggs made me feel ill. So instead I chose to eat nothing (my stomach was feeling pretty fragile). What do you guys do when you're unwell? I had a few slivers of cheese at lunch today and a cup of tea. As expected my weight jumped down almost a kg this morning. Shame it won't stay that way when I start eating again ;-)

Happy Easter.
Remember the reason for the season!


  1. Hope you get better real soon, particularly now you have hubby home for the holidays. I am so impressed you are down into the 55's.... I've stagnated and very tempted to have a kebab for dinner.... lack of progress makes my motivation wane.

    You did so well to avoid the birthday treats/food. I caved to a Easter egg today, we all got one in our pigeonhole at school and I thought what the heck... doh!

  2. i would suggest eating nothing if you dont fancy it, but maybe some porridge from oat bran if you are hungry? hope you feel better soon!