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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's not REAL butter

After reading A Change of Life Blog about Margarine, I did a bit of investigating on the 'butter' I feed my family. 36% canola oil, so instead of the pure butter I thought I was using, it's half margarine after all. Gutted!!!!

Next week at the supermarket I'll find one that is just butter, otherwise I'll use block butter instead. Thanks Lynda for reminding me to check the ingredients again. I feel extremely let down by the food industry. They are just instead in making a buck instead of helping our health. Disappointing. And I feel for people who can't afford butter (as it is twice the price of marg) that just sucks!

My weight is doing that thing where it bounces up and down a bit but basically stays the same... I want to break through this time. 4kg to my true weight. I will not give up!!

Off to bake some birthday cake. (I promise not to eat any).

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  1. Oh yeah, the food industry is just littered with false advertising and misleading labels.

    Definitely have to read everything thoroughly. I was stuck between no salt added and reduced salt chicken broth the other day, I read the labels, to my surprise reduced salt had over 4 times the amount of salt as no salt added!

    So shocking.