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Sunday, April 1, 2012

tough day

Had a tough day today. Miss 11 months is horribly sick with a virus and cried/screamed for a lot of the day. Amazingly I didn't let it effect my eating. I think eating this way is finally automatic. I don't reach for the carbs when things get tough. I'm growing up :-)

The scales didn't move up or down, but that's to be expected after my 3 protein bar day. No protein bars today, so here's hoping for a good number on the scales tomorrow!

Is anyone allowing themselves some sort of chocolate for Easter? What is your plan? I think I might try find a different chocolate protein bar to treat myself with. While we're speaking of protein bars, one of the ones I had yesterday was horrible. It was a type of mini strawberry one - YUCK! Thank goodness Atkins ones never let me down in taste.

Have a good week everyone. Looks like here in the North of New Zealand we've got another week of rain and wind. Oh joy!


  1. I've actually decided to take Easter Monday completely off, I decided this 3 months ago when i started this diey already, I'm going to eat ALL the chocolate I want, and deal with the consequenses thereafter :)

  2. We are so alike. Friday I was almost completely Dukan but had a biscuit from hubbies Oxfam 100km walking supplies. He did the 100km walk this weekend just been and I was the team support person going to all the aid stations to fuel them and change gear etc. They also had a massive bag of trail mix with chocolate raisins and yoghurt covered ones too. I picked a few of those. Felt guilty as I had broken Dukan rules. To avoid doing it again I bought protein bars (3 of them) so I could have sweet without eating carbs. I ate all 3 of them!! Today I am up on the scales. From my picking at the trail mix. Grrr.... when will I learn?

    1. Well you make me feel better :-) and how funny that we both ate 3 this weekend. Let's both now have an amazing week and hit some all time lows!!

  3. Look at my post about cheating today ... :-) I think for Easter (as well as for Halloween and other candy/chocolate heavy events) it makes sense to put aside some of your favorite "for yourself only" ... maybe bite-sized or small portions of the type of chocolate you really, really want! Then, when the day comes, you decide whether to have them or not. If you do, that's totally ok. If you don't, you get to have them on some other day in the future.