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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yesterday I had 7 little pirates racing around the house and backyard. My four year olds birthday. We had cake and treasure and all sorts of goodies floating around and I'm proud to say I didn't eat any cake and the worst thing I ate was a spring roll (bit of pastry). And the scales were kind to me this morning flashing an all time low of 54.7kg. Very exciting!!!! I seem to be pushing through my stagnating weight finally.

I really want to bring up my family without too much sugar and wheat. It's not impossible to eat without either of these items exclusively, BUT it does take a lot more effort and I want to be kind to myself. So I just want to try limit them and as my kids grow into adults, educate them so they can make their own choices. Birthday parties without a bit of sugar wouldn't be quite as fun and I don't want to be a big fat party pooper!

So I've noticed since I've been getting slimmer, I've been getting 'the look'. You know the one, where bigger people look at you as if you've got it so easy because you're skinnier. Do you think I could wear a tee that states "I work BLOODY hard to look this good" - heh heh... I do feel good and I do work flippin hard. But it means I'm really proud of myself when I achieve my goals. I've managed to lose this weight because I work hard, use incredible will power and take responsibility for my food and body.

Have a great week everyone. It seems New Zealand is getting the summer we missed out on for Autumn. The weather is gorgeous.

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