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Friday, April 20, 2012


I wonder why, when I'm on holiday and away from home, I am hungrier and eat more. I have tried really hard to eat only Dukan friendly foods but I've definitely eaten more than normal. Although I have also been more active. Biking around, walking etc... I'm a bit scared about what the scales will say. I'm hoping they will at worst, have stayed the same.

Update: The scales jumped up a bit, but not enough to worry me. Time to get some decent meat back into the house and get serious again. I've had my fun now time to keep losing.



  1. Well done on jumping back on the scales, it is tough facing them when you've been off them for a few days.

    I eat more when not at home too, I am not sure why I do it. Being more physical will definitely increase the appetite though.

  2. It's the extra time you have to think about food ... routine makes food less exciting somehow (at least for me). Vacation means more interesting everything, inlcuding food!

  3. I agree with Moonday, the routine you inevitably make for yourself really helps with this diet. It's hard getting back into that routine, so good luck!