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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today I hopped on the scales and finally saw number 55 starring back at me. 55.9 to be exact and for some reason I felt disappointment? Why... My only conclusion is, I've been working really hard to lose this week and 100g is all I've lost since half way through last week. My weight has been bouncing up and down, I had just hoped it would bounce down lower!

I have a question for all your girlies out there. At your TOTM do you have cramping? I used to, nasty pain that would sometimes stop me working. BUT since kicking sugar and carbs, nothing... Has anyone else experienced this or is it just coincidence?

There is lots of birthday food in my house and so far I've resisted. Go me.
Have a good one

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  1. Keep resisting that bad birthday food!

    I have not noticed a difference with my period (other than it stopping completely about mid-way through the diet)

    But I used to get daily headaches and migraines at least twice a week. Those have stopped completely since about day 3 of the Dukan Diet, YESS!

    I don't know why though, good question.