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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I calculated my true weight on both the American and UK Dukan site again today. They differ by 3kg!!!!! The UK site gave me a figure that was much closer to the one I thought was more likely (52kg) where the American site said (55kg). Why the difference?????

Anyway so for those of you concerned that being around 56kg is too light, for me it isn't. I spent so much of my life being around 47-50kg and looking slim but not anorexic. So at 56 I do have rolls on my tummy still and rather large thighs for my size. I have a very small bone structure. And even though I look better now (not super skinny or anything) I get a lot of comments about time to stop dieting now. But my husband is very supportive (who else gets to see you naked) and is encouraging me to reach for my goal and my true weight.

Speaking of dieting. I don't feel like this is so much a diet but the start of a new way of life. Sure when I reach my true weight I'll add back in a few foods, like fruit and rice etc sometimes but for now I feel fantastic eating meat, dairy and vegetables. I also feel like I ward of sickness much easier. But I have theories on that and eating wheat (wheat effecting your immune system BIG time).

I can't wait to get down to my true weight so I can do some before and after photos (if I have the courage to show my before photos!). I have kept a pair of jeans that were super tight on me at my heaviest. I won't try them on again until I'm at my true weight. Which is now 52kg (thanks Dukan UK). So only 4.2kg more to lose. That doesn't sound too hard does it? HA!

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  1. I know how tough those last few Kg's are. I have 3.2Kg to get to my personal goal. I too have been there before. I too want it to go from around my tummy area and thighs.

  2. I got 133 (60.5kg)on the UK site, and 134.2 (61kg) on the US site. I'm shooting for 130-135 (hovering at 138-141 right now).

  3. Oh man I am completely on the same page as you.

    People think the weight I want to be at (that I have set for myself) is way too low (I want to lose another 20 lbs) but I have the thighs and belly problem still.

    I also feel like it's a way of life change, I am on phase 3 and have not eaten any bread in two weeks, I just don't feel like it because I was forcing myself to eat bread when I know it's not super-good for you and know I could do without the wheat.

    It's not too hard, you can do it!

  4. Just wanted to add that some people have an idea in their heads as to what a particular weight looks like. I told a friend of mine that I was down to 139, and she was very surprised, almost as if someone our age (49-52) couldn't be that small. I think that has more to do with the other person, as that says *they* could be smaller too, and they may not want to hear that. There's a misconception that if you're older, you're just supposed to be heavier than you were 20yrs ago, and that's just not true.

  5. You are SO nearly there!! Can't wait to see your before and afters!
    ps - I'm employing the same strategy - will only show the world how fat I was once I'm thin! :)