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Thursday, March 22, 2012


So who snacks during the day?
Do you eat just the three meals or do you have snacks as well.

From my days doing body for life type diets I've kinda got into the habit of eating six times a day, all smaller meals, rather than 3 big meals. I still do that on Dukan. Except right now it seems to be every 2 hours or so that I eat something. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. On one hand it keeps my metabolism working, on the other, I have no idea how much I'm actually eating. I guess so long as I kept losing, I shouldn't be too worried.

Also when do you drink your water? With meals, or in between?


  1. Well, the new theory is that you should let 3-4 hours pass between meals and NOT snack, in order to let your body dip into the fat reserves. The "keep your metabolism going" theory is out.
    That said - do what works for you!
    I eat 4 times a day: breakfast (8am), lunch (12:30/1pm), afternoon snack (5pm, when I am usually really hungry) and dinner (7/7:30pm, when I am less hungry). That works for me. But I should also say, I go to be really early (usually at 9 or 9:30, so I sleep through any late evening munchies I might get).
    I found the most important thing is not to get ravenously hungry, especially not if something "safe" isn't handy.
    Plain yoghurt (not the non-fat, but the regular fat kind), will kill a hunger attack in an emergency away from home. For some reason nonfat doesn't work nearly as well (in an emergency).
    If you keep losing eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours, I wouldn't worry!

  2. Must say, I love a good nibble, but always something that's allowed, sugarsnap peas and cherry tomatoes on PV days or fat free artificially sweetened yoghurts or low fat viennas on pp days!

  3. I am a snack-a-holic. Being on Consolidation, I usually have my fruit of the day between breakfast and lunch. When it comes time to have my afternoon snack, I have usually eaten it already, and end up ravenously hungry by dinnertime, just like Moonday said! So I should have more healthy snacks prepared... Note to self; deal with this issue!

  4. I drink water all throughout the day. I drink a lot of water though. Between 9am (when I got to work) and now (1pm) I have drank 4L of water.

    I also snack heavily during the day. I bring a zucchini or cucumber a well as a whole yellow or orange pepper, and a tomato. I eat them during the day whenever I am hungry. Just chomp down.

    I will also eat hard boiled eggs as a snack.

    Its important that you don't snack if you aren't hungry though. Because it has been proven that snacking if you aren't hungry doesn't reduce the amount of calories you end up eating your next meal.

    As long as you are eating veggies as your snacks I can't see it doing any harm (as a response to your point about not being able to know exactly how much you eat during the day when snacking)