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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loose jeans

Thanks for all your ideas for saying 'no'. I find when I say 'no thanks' I sometimes get questioned. Why aren't you eating? I hope you're not dieting... etc... or from mum, 'I think you've lost enough.'

I've thought about saying I'm gluten free when coming across wheat stuff in the future, but I have a friend who is gluten free and people always make her special sugary gluten free foods and she finds she can't say No to eating it when they've gone to a special effort.

So I go back to my old 'I've just eaten, but thanks'... it usually works.

So I put on my usual jeans this morning and they seem to be hanging a bit looser. YAY. I'm nearly at my sticking point though. I'm determined to get past it this time. I WANT to get to my true weight. Sometimes I wonder if my weight is sticking because I'm still breast feeding my baby. I've heard that your body holds onto a certain amount of weight when you're still BF... but it's only a few times a day... I guess only time will tell.

Hope the weather is nicer everywhere else right now, cos it sucks in NZ. My moods are sooo dictated by the weather.

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  1. My girlfriend who has a 6 month old, said just yesterday that when she stopped breast feeding a few weeks ago she had a big drop in weight so there maybe some truth in your body holding on to some fat stores while breast feeding.

    Weather is awful here in Tauranga, not as bad as North of AKL though.