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Friday, March 16, 2012


Just finished Wheat Belly. I wasn't really reading it to start a new diet. I was just interested in William Davis' findings. It was fascinating. I now know enough to want to avoid eating much wheat the rest of my life. To be realistic I know there are times when I'll want a piece of birthday cake or something, but to eat it daily is just dangerous for your health.

The scales are jumping all over the place this week. Will give a weekly weight update on Monday. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, so must do that today.

Have a good one friends


  1. I thought the same thing and in fact Dr Davis wrote something about it being ok to have the occasional piece of birthday cake. It really helps to say no to wheat and particularly "healthy whole grains" when you know a bit more about the danger of eating it.

  2. I will check this book out right now ...