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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Is going to bed feeling hungry okay???? I'm never sure. I don't feel like cheating but I also don't want to eat late at night (it's 10pm)....

Dinner party tonight and I didn't cheat. I love the start of the diet, I am always so motivated.


  1. I don't think it is ideal to go to bed hungry, once in a while shouldn't do any harm but I am thinking more psychologically... I think it is pretty dangerous if you are feeling deprived - that would make me more tempted to cheat if I felt that way. I have a little stash of tea eggs (hard boiled eggs) in the fridge for when I am hungry and I'd consider just eating the white and leave the yolk if I was hungry. That is my 2 cents worth :-)

  2. I would definately have some stuff in the fridge you can eat, like yoghurt, chicken, boiled eggs etc so that you dont have to go to bed hungry. Willpower at the dinner party!! good one!

  3. How is eating at 10 pm cheating? I don't recall Dukan talking about when you can and when you cannot eat! Just about what you can and cannot eat (and boy, does he talk about that one!). Definitely eat something and don't go to bed hungry!!!

  4. I don't think it is ideal to go to bed hungry. Maybe you are thirsty though? I would drink a large glass of water and wait, if you still feel hunger pangs eat some veggies or a lean meat, not a lot, just to cut that hunger. You don't want to wake up and overindulge. Dr Dukan says in his book that you should never feel hungry! Maybe you should eat a snack after supper but not right before bed.