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Monday, March 26, 2012

Scale jumping all over the place...

So this morning the scales jumped down again... It's been up and down all week. How much does water effect your weight I wonder?

I had an atkins bar today (needed something sweet) but other than that, I've been pretty good. I'm trying really hard. My jeans also felt quite a bit looser than they did two weeks ago, that's always a nice sign, and my rings are loose on my fingers again.

I'm hanging out for daylight savings so it's not so dark in the mornings. I do want to at least do some walking again before my op.

Must sleep


  1. Must be something in the kiwi water... While I had my couple of whooshes I had my rebounding bounce and am up 700g from Saturday's weigh in and without any real reason so it has to be water and not passing regular bowel movements... they happen just randomly. Hope that is not too much info ;-)
    I too caved into an Atikins bar yesterday. I swear they stall my losses too! Well done on getting the scales to go down!

    1. Not too much info .... how gross is this. I'm recording those movements to see if there is any pattern with weight loss and when I go. I am very random too... Can't see a pattern yet.
      Scales stalled again today. But am fitting some old jeans quite well for the first time in ages :-)