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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wheat belly

OH MY GOSH.... this book is fascinating... and I've only just started.

The history about wheat is the most interesting. How we've modified wheat so much that perhaps it's doing more damage to our bodies in it's new form. In fact the ancient grains are fine, its the way we've changed them that's the problem.

Another busy busy week in my life that hasn't gone Dukan-well :-(
Reboot starting Monday.

Will catch up on blogs soon.
I have a reunion in a month to motivate me to get back into my diet on Monday.


  1. Someone suggested for me to read Wheat Belly, does it give a lot of the same information as the Dukan Diet? Is it a diet or just talks about the history of wheat?

    Good luck hopping back on your diet!


    1. So far I've read the 'history' bit, but will update my blog if it talks about other stuff... Dukan diet is wheat free anyway (in the first phases) but I'm thinking I might give up wheat for life (for the most part). Thanks for dropping by :-)