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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weight vs clothes fitting

Thanks to everyone who replied to my 'hungry' post. Amazingly I didn't wake up starving. I'll make sure to have an after dinner snack and not leave it til 10pm :-)

So my weight is dropping quite quickly on attack, but I don't feel like I can feel the difference, so perhaps it's water weight and it takes a while for my fat cells to shrink and catch up with the scales??? Thoughts?

Another beautiful Autumn (fall) day in New Zealand today. I'm actually getting washing dry - very important when you have two kids and one is in cloth nappies!!!

My son turns 4 in half a month and wants a pirate party so I'm busy making him some pirate clothes and trying to work out how I'm going to fudge my way through the 'ship' cake he wants... Cake decorating is not my strongest skill.

Time to boil some eggs.


  1. lol just print out the picture and try to stand it up somehow :P "Here you go dear, a gorgeous pirate cake & It's even Dukan-friendly!"

  2. Take his idea to a local bakery ... and let them deal with it!!! :-)