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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

graph time

So I decided to make a little graph of my weight over the last few weeks... Look how much it goes up and down. CRAZY.

Tonight we're having a picnic at the beach, to say goodbye to summer and daylight savings. My family wants takeaways so I'm cooking myself some meaty delights to take. I will allow myself one chip though - keeping it real!!

I'm nearly at my low point again where I hover. Wondering if when my weight doesn't go down anymore if I might do a mini attack to give it some encouragement. I'm getting down close to my True Weight, I would like to go a bit lower as I know what works for me and it will make maintaining a bit easier as I won't let myself go over my true weight again. Give myself a little wriggle room so to speak.

Does anyone else feel their TRUE WEIGHT is higher or lower than they thought?


  1. I am very impressed by your results on the graph and the ultimate results you have achieved in a short amount of time with little exercise due to your hernia, sick kiddie-winks etc. Sure there are some blips but like you mentioned yesterday there is water retention and a number of other explanations for it, some which elude us too. The big picture is great!!

    I too thought my True Weight was a bit high but I am struggling to get there a second time, I got there in December and then Christmas silliness caused me to gain 3.5Kg so I bounced right back to my starting point. I am thinking my True Weight might be more sensible than trying to get to 54 which is My Goal.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment :) About wheat, I don't mind anyone with normal insulin resistance having a little wheat. My problem is the effect on people with metabolic problems. I can't see that two slices of bread for a child will harm them. Cakes and pies.. now there is the problem.

    For me, it's more about being consistent, having the odd lapse, but being true to low carb.