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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2 of reboot

Another successful day. Not so many temptations today. I'm feeling stronger.
No dukan headache yet. It usually hits day 2 for me. I wonder if diet coke is helping with that?

About to tuck into some after dinner eggs :-) don't want to get sooo hungry that I cheat.

Exercise tomorrow morning hopefully. Here's hoping for a good night with the kids.


  1. I always "hurt" at night when I am being "good". Don't know why. But I wake up feeling really miserable around 3 am or so (that's when I know tye scale will show a loss next morning).

  2. The headache might be because you are addicted to carbs and sugar (like the rest of the world) and you are going through withdrawl.

    Keep it up!

  3. Hey well done on a successful day, with regards to your question about weight fluctuations due to TTOM - I am still not clear on what my body does - I tend to gain a week before and then it drops away again. It definitely puts a blip on my progress but I know it does not last. With regards to the headache I would say they only thing you can really do is stay hydrated. If you get a headache trying drinking water and if the headache is due to dehydration you should feel some relief in about 30 minutes, this definitely gets easier the longer you stick to it.